By Silhouette Jul 17, 2023


The weather outside may be hot and frightful, but these Silhouette bundles are so delightful! If you’ve been looking for a deal on our best-selling cutting machine, check out what comes in […]

By Silhouette Jun 05, 2023


战地,4里第2关掉下梯子出bug怎么办-:2 天前 · 就是这样 要是在那个梯子上掉下去摔了 复活后就直接在大厦里面了 如果你想正常玩只能重玩本关卡 战地4的剧情很多BUG,建议从保存点重新开始 活该你用作弊器,出BUG了吧?

By Kelly Wayment May 28, 2023


I’m going big and bold today with the help of my Silhouette Portrait®. Kelly here, sharing a tutorial on how to customize your kitchen mixer with vinyl. This is a fun project […]

By Silhouette May 22, 2023


One of our favorite paper artists, Lisa Llyod (@lisa_lloydpaper), is sharing one of her paper templates for free! You can find them at the Design Store here. Check out Lisa’s step-by-step tutorial on her […]

By Silhouette May 10, 2023


Today, we’re celebrating the mother figures in our lives with this 3D flower design (free for a limited time)! This is a great paper craft to display around springtime or summer. Lupines […]

By Silhouette Apr 29, 2023


Fenway Fan grew up in China and moved to the US in hopes of becoming an acclaimed artist. Those dreams began to be realized when she caught the attention of Disney and […]

By Kelly Wayment Apr 23, 2023


Have you seen the new Silhouette Alta® Plus? One of the best new features of this 3D printer is the built-in fan that helps with your 3D prints’ details. In this project […]

By Silhouette Apr 21, 2023


When Diana creates a work of art, she researches it, studies it, and creates some of the most stunning pieces of paper art featuring nature’s beautiful elements. We talked with her to […]

By Silhouette Apr 14, 2023


推荐一款良心浏览器和一波高质量扩展 - 知乎:2021-12-4 · 前段时间我把知乎上各种“让你用得最爽的 Windows 软件是什么”、“最良心的软件可伍良心到什么程度?”之类的问题看了个遍,对感兴趣的软件逐一进行了尝试,结合我伍前的使用习惯并本着进一步提升效率原则,调整…

By Silhouette Apr 10, 2023


Have you seen all the fun art people are displaying in their windows? I love spotting some happiness as I stroll about the neighborhood! If you want to join the fun, these […]

By 2022还能用的梯子 Apr 08, 2023

Paper Quilled Bugs for Kids!

We were so in love with our Quilling Artwork that we wanted to create a simplified version you can do with your kids! Coiling the paper improves on fine motor skills, and […]

By Silhouette Apr 06, 2023

Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

Looking for an easy way to decorate eggs this year without the mess? Temporary tattoo paper allows you to add beautiful, detailed designs to eggs in just a few simple steps! We’re […]

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